Simple usage instructions

Those instructions will get you started to use your Koumbit OpenID on any site supporting OpenID.


OpenID is a system allowing you to use the same username and password across multiple sites. A more thorough introduction is available on

This site is Koumbit's OpenID provider and it provides you with an OpenID URL you can use on every OpenID site. For Koumbit, it is particularly interesting since it will allow you to use the same OpenID URL for all Drupals.

Finding out your OpenID URL

To find your OpenID URL, simply visit your profile page on the left ("My Account"). Your OpenID URL will be shown below. It should be something like:

You can copy and paste that URL on any OpenID login form.

Using OpenID

When you use your OpenID URL, you will be redirected to this site again, the first time. If you are not logged in, you will be required to login to the Drupal with your usual username and password. You should have to login only once per day, and maybe not at all if you use your OpenID regularly.

Make sure you are using the SSL version of the site. A padlock should appear on the bottom right of your browser and the URL should have https in it.

Once logged in, you will be asked if you want to allow this site to access your OpenID URL. You can choose to deny or allow, once or forever. Your preferences will be saved for future use and will be accessible in your profile.